Our center provides a variety of programs focused on concepts, applications and implications of a balanced development model.



A community service program designed to help youth learn about the latest innovations, become aware of the needs of the global community and nurture their talents to build a better world and define the future. 

The program explores the latest innovations in social, economic and ecological dimensions of life that are contributing to the creation of balance towards a more united, prosperous and healthy global community. Innovation Club covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including; personal development, community building, arts, technology, critical thinking, service, healthy lifestyle and environmental sustainability.

Empowering the youth is critical to our development and future as a global community. Currently, we research and share online the latest innovations from around the world with our Innovation Club members in the U.S., Canada, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. We also provide Service Project modules to families, communities and schools worldwide.


WORLD CITIZEN INITIATIVE: Empowerment through Sharing

The world is changing and new technologies are being developed on a daily basis. Now, we are connected across the planet like the cells of the body. Our social, economic and ecological challenges are global in scope. We are all truly world citizens working together to build a better world. To achieve this goal, we have access to tremendous amounts of information presented in the most creative way online through various mediums - multi-media, audiovisual, websites, articles, blogs and social media apps that can be accessed by billions of people around the world.

World Citizen Initiative is a community service program for educating and empowering our global community through sharing regular inspiring initiatives & information online (micro-learning) about innovations in fostering world unity, achieving global prosperity and living a healthy lifestyle as well as initiatives in creating social, economic & ecological balance worldwide. Essentially, we are feeding thousands of people on a daily basis with food for thought. Through your participation and support, it is possible to gradually and systematically promote a new narrative in building a better world and defining the future.



This is an extension of the World Citizen Initiative. The program is focused on promoting virtues which are critical to the advancement of civilization as well as personal development regardless of age & position. Virtues are the building blocks of progress and success. They are the means for achieving social, economic & ecological balance. Virtues can lead us to social harmony, global prosperity and healthy lifestyle. Truthfulness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, joyfulness, patience, kindness, moderation & unity are some of the virtues that we share and focus on their application on a weekly basis on various social apps. Virtues in Action draws inspiration from the Virtues Project which has been making tremendous contributions to our global community since the early 90's.



Our Social Enterprise Program is defined as an innovative initiative to serve the development needs of the global community for social, economic and ecological balance. Social Enterprise is the progression of our "Path of Success" program with the continued focus on innovation to build a better world.  Essentially, this is a consulting program designed for youth and adults to initiate & develop a "Social Enterprise". Here, initially, through a step-by-step process, the consultant helps the entrepreneurs to focus on their capacities, talents & aspirations. The program continues in stages by systematically assessing the needs of the community, developing the necessary skills, devising a plan of action followed by gradual implementation, reflection & optimization. The aim of the program is to create a better awareness of the role that social entrepreneurs can play as agents of change in advancing social, economic and ecological balance in global development processes and building the foundation for a successful and meaningful life. The program also focuses on personal development and how serving the social needs can help us to increase our understanding of self and building confidence in our capacity to achieve our vision. In this process it's important to note that success begins when you start serving the community.

For more details, please click on the following link:  Social Enterprise 


Path of Success School Program Framework:

Education is a lifetime endeavor, and we are learning constantly throughout our lives. What we learn defines our path of success. Currently education is primarily about academics and assessment with the goal of training students to develop job skills. There’s also a common belief that children are a blank slate where teachers and adults write on. Therefore, we have had success in building a material civilization focused on wealth and technology. However, we are faced with social challenges, conflicts, poverty, health issues, pandemics, and environmental disasters that we are trying to address.    

Here, at the Center for Balanced Development, we have been exploring a different model of education where we share the latest innovations that represent balance in the social, economic, and ecological dimensions of the development process while utilizing innovative methods of tapping into the innovator’s imagination and innate knowledge which could lead to awareness, confidence, creativity, innovation, and independent mindset.

The program is essentially a framework where a team of researchers constantly look for the latest innovations worldwide. The facilitators and mentors use the framework and utilize mostly audio-visual research materials to inspire the learners to use their imagination to meet the needs the global community with the goal of building an ever-advancing civilization and defining the future as they tread their path of success in the field of service.

This is a community service program that can be used at home, school, community, work, or any place where learning and innovation is desired.


Public Service Policy Framework:
Throughout history public service has been at the core of civilization building process and progress. Government institutions and agencies at the local, state and federal level require effective policies that are cohesive, inclusive and integrated in terms of keeping the balance in and between the social, economic, and ecological dimensions of the development process.
Our research covers all aspects of the development process including education, community, economy, health and natural resources. Public service is a major pillar of a balanced development model. It requires consultation and collaboration between officials, community members and volunteers working together to plan and implement initiatives to improve the quality of life in the community by building unity, fostering prosperity and nurturing environmental sustainability.



This is a community service program offered to individuals, organizations and institutions to meet the need for a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the global challenges facing us and how to optimize our efforts to achieve social, economic and ecological balance in the process of advancement of civilization. The program takes the participants through a step-by-step process of consultation to devise a plan of action that is in line with the changes that are needed in our global community to achieve social harmony, economic prosperity and ecological sustainability. Currently, we are working on a "Global Plan of Action to Build a Better World" which can act as a guideline for local initiatives in various fields and industries. 

For more information on our programs, please contact: info@cbdus.org


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