Center for Balanced Development Social Enterprise Program is defined as an innovative initiative to serve the development needs of the global community for social, economic and ecological balance. Social Enterprise is the progression of our "Path of Success" program with the continued focus on innovation to build a better world.  Essentially, this is a consulting program designed for youth and adults to initiate & develop a "Social Enterprise". Here, initially, through a step-by-step process, the consultant helps the entrepreneurs to focus on their capacities, talents & aspirations. The program continues in stages by systematically assessing the needs of the community, developing the necessary skills, devising a plan of action followed by gradual implementation, reflection & optimization. The aim of the program is to create a better awareness of the role that social entrepreneurs can play as agents of change in advancing social, economic and ecological balance in global development processes and building the foundation for a successful and meaningful life. The program also focuses on personal development and how serving the social needs can help us increase our understanding of self and building confidence in our capacity to achieve our vision. In this process, it's important to realize that success begins when you start serving the community.

The following is a list of development needs that can be effectively addressed through social enterprise:

- Water 
Food & Health
Resources & Waste Management
Renewable Energy
Transportation & Logistics  
Telecommunications & Media
Information & Education
Commerce, Finance & Administration


The Balance Index:
The Balance Index is an evaluation tool to measure the progress of a social enterprise in achieving balance in the social, economic and ecological dimensions of its mission and vision as well as its contribution to the development process. Currently, we are working on developing the index for individual social entrepreneurs. The Balance Index, eventually, can be used to measure the true value of products and services in a value-based economy. 


Social Enterprise Programs developed by Center for Balanced Development:

Arts for Unity: Creation, production & promotion of arts inspired by virtues & high ideals to bring the world closer together..

EDU21: Education is about developing our capacities, becoming aware of the needs and serving our global community  ...

999 English: Communication is the key to success... Acquiring a new language is a natural process...

Build a Better World: A game for building the ideal community and defining the future...   

ECO21: Ecology and sustainability is about health, clean environment and conservation of natural resources... 

Golden Age TV: A selection of videos, films & documentaries to inspire and guide the path to the golden age ...

University of Life: 21st Century Application of Knowledge


Social Enterprise Reference Materials:

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